The architectural education at AGU is authentic with its innovative and flexible curriculum. A training system based on research and project-focused work in architecture such as history, theory and criticism of architecture, building and construction, architectural preservation and design as well as in related disciplines such as information technologies, environment, advanced materials, culture-art-heritage management.

AGU provides an architectural education model at international standards: It is based on empirical processes focused on material and spatial experience through art and history criticism. An architectural education characterized with research and experimentation is offered at modeling, material research, documentation, building biology and physics labs. Practice at various phases of building construction is also required.

AGU architecture school proposes an international contribution to the career development of the students during their education. The faculty is establishing international cooperation with prestigious schools of architecture in USA and Europe. AGU Department of Architecture has signed an agreement of partnership with IIT School of Architecture (Chicago, IL, USA) in May 2013.

A further contribution to the students’ career development is planned through project and site-focused internship at the leading national and international architectural offices and construction firms. Thus, the students would have the opportunity to partake in the professional environment before their graduation.


The Foci of AGU Architecture Education:

·Education in English

·Applied and Experimental Education

·Critical Thinking

·Human and Environment Consciousness

·Sustainability Consciousness

·Cultural Sensibility

·City and Urbanism Consciousness

·Leadership and Team Organization

·Professional Liability and Ethics


AGU Architecture Undergraduate Program Course Contents